Horseback Safety & Care

Top-notch equipment ensures rider safety & horse well-being. At Xplore Roatan, quality gear enhances rides through lush forests, tropical jungles, and pristine beaches.

Horseback Riding and Safety and Care at Xplore Roatan

Why is it crucial to have top-notch equipment and rigorous maintenance when you’re horseback riding? Well, not only does it guarantee the safety of the rider, but it also ensures the well-being of the horses and enhances the overall experience. At Xplore Roatan Eco Adventure Park, we understand the role quality equipment plays in providing a memorable and secure journey.

Our Stable’s Pride

We take immense pride in the fact that our stables house 40 beautifully gentle horses, each trained and socialized to love and appreciate human interaction. Their affectionate nature shines through, especially when they bask in the warmth of human company and the cherishing touches of both seasoned riders and first-time visitors, creating unforgettable bonding moments.

As riders embark on their journey, they are introduced to an array of breathtaking trails that meander through the lush black oak forests, alive with the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves. The trails then lead to the tropical jungle, where coconut trees tower above and thatch palms sway gently in the breeze. Along the way, riders can marvel at the imposing iron shores and then find themselves enveloped by the tranquil beauty of the red mangrove forest. As the path continues, the pristine beaches offer an opportunity for horses and riders alike to revel in the cool waters and enjoy the golden sands underhoof. The rich diversity of flora, combined with the serene ambience of the trails, makes each horseback ride not just an activity but an exploration of nature’s marvels.

Safety First: Prioritizing Our Young Riders

The safety of our young equestrians is of utmost importance. Recognizing the unique requirements of our smaller riders, we’ve put into place dedicated measures to ensure their protection and comfort. One of the cornerstone safety provisions is our provision of sanitized child-sized helmets. These helmets are specifically designed to fit snugly on young heads, offering optimal protection without compromising on comfort.

Beyond the physical gear, our staff is extensively trained to handle the needs of younger riders, ensuring that they are both comfortable and secure while riding. Every child, irrespective of their experience level, is given a comprehensive safety briefing and is paired with horses known for their gentle demeanor and patience with younger riders.

Furthermore, our riding trails and sessions for children are curated keeping their skill level in mind. The routes chosen are less challenging, ensuring the child feels confident while riding. We also maintain a smaller rider-to-instructor ratio for kids to ensure they receive personalized attention, and any potential issue can be quickly addressed.

We understand that a child’s experience at our park can spark a lifelong love for horseback riding. As such, while we aim to make their experience magical, we never compromise on their safety. With the right equipment, well-trained staff, and a dedicated approach to safety, parents can rest assured that their children are in the best of hands at Xplore Roatan.

Breeds of Horses

Within the confines of our well-maintained stables at Xplore Roatan Eco Adventure Park, visitors can find a diverse and beautiful mix of horse breeds, each bringing its own unique charm, characteristics, and history, contributing richly to our equestrian family.

  • Spanish Horses
    The Spanish horse, often associated with the Andalusian breed, boasts a rich history dating back to ancient times. Renowned for its graceful movements and majestic appearance, the Spanish horse has a strong, compact build with a thick mane and tail. Its agility and responsiveness make it a favorite in classical dressage and other equestrian disciplines.
  • Peruvians Horses
    The Peruvian horse, or Peruvian Paso, is celebrated for its smooth, natural, four-beat lateral gait called the “paso llano”. This breed is particularly comfortable for riders, thanks to its unique gait. With its proud stature and high-stepping action, the Peruvian horse often displays an inherent showiness, making it a standout in parades and shows.
  • Quarter Horses
    The American Quarter Horse is one of the oldest American breeds, best known for its incredible speed over short distances. With a muscular build, especially in the hindquarters, this horse is highly versatile, excelling in activities from rodeo events to horse shows. Its calm demeanor combined with its athletic prowess makes it a popular choice among riders of all disciplines.
  • Criole Horses
    The Criollo horse, native to South America, is known for its endurance, hardiness, and adaptability to diverse terrains. Descended from the horses brought by Spanish conquerors, the Criollo has evolved over centuries, becoming perfectly suited to the challenges of its environment. Its compact build and resilient nature make it ideal for long journeys, often being used in cattle work and competitive endurance riding.

Daily Diet and Nutrition

In the realm of horse care, proper nutrition stands out as an absolute cornerstone. Ensuring that our horses receive a well-balanced and appropriate diet is not merely a responsibility; it’s a commitment we deeply cherish. By prioritizing their dietary needs, we not only ensure their physical well-being but also their mental health, stamina, and overall performance, elevating the entire equestrian experience at our facility. Our horses enjoy the following diets:

  • Suasi grass rolls with 8-20% protein.
  • 8 lbs of corn-based feed daily.
  • Seasonal fruits and veggies like mangoes and carrots.
  • Fed twice daily for consistent energy.

The Compassionate Side of Xplore Roatan

Horse Rescue

At Xplore Roatan Eco Adventure Park, our passion for horses extends far beyond the joy of rides and the trails we traverse together. While the exhilaration of horseback riding is undeniably a significant part of our operations, our mission and commitment run much deeper. Our hearts resonate with a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the equine world.

We don’t just provide a haven for horses that participate in our riding programs; we are also deeply involved in horse rescue efforts. Across various landscapes and circumstances, there are horses that face neglect, mistreatment, or abandonment. Recognizing the profound need to step in, we have made it our mission to provide sanctuary to these majestic creatures. Many of the horses that now call our park home have been rescued from dire situations and have been given not only shelter and sustenance but a genuine second chance at a fulfilling life.

Every rescue story is a testament to our belief that every horse, irrespective of its past, deserves love, care, and an environment where it can thrive. Through our actions, we hope to spread the message that compassion and commitment can indeed transform lives, both equine and human.

Ensuring that rescued horses are fit for riding

Our horses through the rescue program undergo the following meticulous process to ensure they are fit and happy for riding:

  1. Health Assessments: Upon rescue, every horse undergoes a thorough veterinary examination. This assessment checks for any health issues, malnutrition, injuries, or illnesses. A horse must be given a clean bill of health before it’s even considered for riding.
  2. Rehabilitation Period: Rescued horses, especially those that might have faced neglect or abuse, are given ample time to recover both physically and emotionally. This period allows them to regain strength, trust in humans, and reach an optimal weight.
  3. Behavioral Assessment: Before a horse is deemed fit for riding, its temperament and behavior are closely observed. Only those with a calm demeanor, showing no signs of aggression or fear, are shortlisted.
  4. Training and Socialization: Even if a rescued horse had prior riding experience, we still reintroduce them to the training process. This ensures that any bad habits or fears they might have picked up are addressed. They’re also socialized with other horses to foster herd dynamics and build their confidence.
  5. Trial Period: Before being available to the public, the horse goes through a trial riding period with experienced riders. This helps in gauging their comfort and behavior when saddled and ridden.
  6. Regular Check-ups: Even after integrating rescued horses into the riding roster, they undergo regular veterinary check-ups. This helps in early identification of any health or behavioral issues that may arise due to their past experiences.
  7. Feedback System: Riders and trainers provide feedback after each session. Any signs of discomfort or stress in the horse are immediately addressed, ensuring the well-being of the horse and safety of the riders.
  8. Limiting Riding Sessions: Rescued horses, given their history, might not be used as extensively as other horses. Their riding sessions are often limited to prevent overexertion and stress.

Through this meticulous process, we ensure that not only are our rescued horses fit for riding, but they also enjoy the experience without any distress.

Commitment to Horse Health and Well-being

Our philosophy revolves around the principle that consistent and dedicated care is the bedrock of ensuring our horses are always in peak condition. It isn’t merely about routine checks and feeding schedules; it’s a holistic approach that encompasses their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Every facet, from their diet and exercise routines to their social interactions and training, is meticulously curated and reviewed to ensure optimal health and happiness. Our seasoned equine specialists work tirelessly, employing a blend of traditional knowledge and contemporary techniques, to guarantee that each horse not only thrives but also flourishes in its environment. This unwavering commitment reflects in the radiant health and spirited demeanor of our equine family members.

  • Semi-annual veterinary checks.
  • Regular baths, 2-4 times weekly.
  • Hoove maintenance and teeth check-ups every two months.

A Ride Through Nature’s Best – Flora and Fauna

We invite you to step into a world where nature unfurls its wonders at every turn. Experience nature in its full glory, from the whispering trees and the fragrant blooms to the melodic bird songs and the gentle rustling of leaves underfoot. Here, every moment is a testament to the planet’s breathtaking beauty and the intricate tapestry of life it supports. Come and immerse yourself in an environment that resonates with the pure, undisturbed essence of the natural world.

  • Black oak forests.
  • Tropical jungles, with palms.
  • Red Mangrove expanses.
  • Majestic wildlife sightings from eagles to iguanas.

Signature Tour Highlights

Tour Stops and Sights

From the intricate waterways of the mangrove forests, where nature’s symphony plays in the background, to the golden sands of pristine beaches where waves kiss the shore, every ride at Xplore Roatan Eco Adventure Park is more than just a journey—it’s an adventure waiting to be explored. Each trail unfurls a new chapter of nature’s grandeur, inviting riders to become a part of a story that’s as enchanting as the landscape itself, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.

Quality of Equipment

Ensuring the well-being of both our riders and horses is paramount to us. Safety and comfort sit at the forefront of our philosophy, guaranteeing a memorable and harmonious ride on every excursion. All our saddles, fundamental to this mission, are thoughtfully handcrafted from premium leather, showcasing our unwavering dedication to excellence. Further, we consistently treat them with natural vegetable oil on a weekly basis. This not only maintains their robust strength but also preserves their elegant shine, offering utmost comfort to every rider who embarks on an adventure with us.

Gallop to Conclusion: The Heartbeat of Xplore Roatan

In the heart of Xplore Roatan Eco Adventure Park, an unparalleled equine experience awaits every visitor. From our stable of 40 lovingly trained and well-socialized horses to the mesmerizing trails that promise an intimate tryst with nature, each aspect of the park reflects our dedication to offering a memorable and safe horseback riding adventure. The horses, a diverse mix of breeds including Spanish, Peruvian, Quarter, and Criole, thrive in an environment that prioritizes their well-being, from a meticulously planned diet to regular veterinary check-ups. Their dietary regimen, rich in protein from suasi grass, corn-based feed, and seasonal fruits, underscores the park’s commitment to their health. Adding depth to our equestrian ethos is our notable horse rescue initiative, emphasizing that our love for these magnificent creatures isn’t just skin-deep; it’s a testament to our belief that every horse deserves a second chance at a joyful life.

The trails, marked by their diverse ecosystems—from dense mangrove forests to shimmering pristine beaches—offer riders a glimpse into the untouched beauty of Roatan. And ensuring a comfortable experience throughout are our handcrafted leather saddles, treated diligently with vegetable oil, reflecting our obsession with detail and rider comfort. Beyond the joy of riding, it’s the coming together of these myriad elements—our horses, the verdant trails, and our unwavering commitment to safety and quality—that crafts an experience that’s both enchanting and enlightening. At Xplore Roatan, it’s not just about horseback riding; it’s about immersing oneself in a holistic adventure that celebrates nature, life, and the timeless bond between humans and horses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often are the horses exercised? At least once per day, but never to exhaustion. We strive to ensure all our horses are healthy and comfortable.
  2. Are beginners given special training before the ride? Yes! All riders are given safety instructions from our trained guides, who take extra time and care for young riders and first timers, making sure everyone is trained and comfortable before departing on the tour.
  3. What measures are in place for the safety of children? Child safety is our top priority, underscored by our provision of sanitized child-sized helmets. We guarantee personalized attention for young riders, emphasizing gentle trails and ensure a comfortable and secure experience.
  4. Does Xplore Roatan rescue horses? Yes we do. We have rescued horses from different parts of them country that have been malnourished, abandoned or adoptions where the owners weren’t able to afford their care any longer.
  5. Do I bring bug spray? Yes. Sometimes there are mosquitoes or sand flies, so bug spray is recommended.

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